GLT Personal Journeys

Imagine students and educators from all over the world using their digital story telling skills to create place-based autobiographical incident stories about personal experiences that had significant impact on their lives.

And, imagine dozens, maybe hundreds, of those placemarks being sprinkled all over the surface of Google Earth.

What do you get? You get Google Earth the book and Google Earth placemarks the chapters!

Now, imagine experiencing those stories as if you were right there in the location where the story takes place!

Literary Locations

The world is awash with literary locations and events! From Anne Frank’s Secret Annex in Amsterdam, The Netherlands to iconic bookstores like Shakespeare and Co Booksellers in Paris, France; from real locations of literary interest like the Addison Street Poetry Walk in Berkeley, California to the world famous Oregon Shakespeare Festival in Ashland, Oregon; from the National Steinbeck Center in Salinas California to the Emily Dickenson Museum in in Amherst, Massachusetts; from Denmark’s Kronborg Castle.

There are literary events and places a’plenty to create Google Lit Trip Tours for.

Literary Events

Sometimes opportunities arise that just go off the beaten path of the Google Lit Trips Project’s primary focus, but they just have to have a place like these author collaborations!

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NEW in Literary Locations, Events, & Walking Tours

  1. A Walk Down Cannery Row.kmz (iPad Ready!)

  2. Jack London Historical State Park (iPad Ready!)

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NEW in One-Stop Stories

  1. Ansel Adams Made Me a Better Photographer AND a Better Teacher

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Author Collaborations

  1. Google Lit Trip for The Fourth Part of the World by Toby Lester. The true story of America’s “birth certificate.”

  2. Google Lit Trips for Marching For Freedom by Elizabeth Partridge. The true story of the civile rights march from Selma to Montogomery, Alabama.

  3. Google Lit Trips for Sugar Changed the World by Marc Aronson and Marina Budhos. A personal journey through the true history of sugar.

Special Project Resources (downloads)

  1. Tips for Building Special Projects

  2. GE on iPads.pdf

  3. GLT for iPadTEMPLATE.doc

  4. A Basic Publication Rubric

  5. How do I submit my special project for publication?

We’re pretty excited about introducing three all new facets to the Google Lit Trips Project. We’re talking completely new ideas like publishing student’s and teachers’ personal place-based digital stories, exploring all sorts of literary locations, and events. We’re even going mobile with Google Lit Trips on iPads and other mobile devices.

Literary Walking Tours

Literary Events

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